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At Creekside Catering, we strive to bring you only the freshest and best ingredients, when they're at their peak.

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All foods are handmade and lovingly prepared to make sure that each dish is the best that it can be.

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Catering and Takeout

W hether it's a small, intimate event, or a large gathering, let Creekside Catering handle all the details. We know that you're busy and you can rest comfortably knowing that it's all handled. Creekside specializes in providing service to fit your particular budget. There are many levels of service to choose from - simple food pick-up to buffet to full service - whatever you choose, your event will be sure to be special from beginning to end. We have a very extensive menu, so you can pick the foods that fit your event perfectly. Not sure what to choose? We have lots of experience and will be happy to help you assemble just the right menu.

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