Big or Small - Let Us Cater Your Next Affair

We offer several levels of service. Your budget and taste will determine what level of service you select. These choices include: You pick up food or We deliver the food or more complete service of Buffet Service – Partial Sit Down Service – Full Sit Down Service. Full details are outlined below.

Once you know that you want Creekside Catering services, call to book the date! Please know that my favorite thing to do is create new and inspiring dishes, so go ahead and think out of the box! If it is not on my menu, I’ll work with you to create just the perfect menu!. Bon Appetite! - Julie Falk

Creekside Catering Menu Selections and Services

Breakfast Foods

Muffins - choose from large house made blueberry, apple or lemon poppy seed - $3.00
Cinnamon Rolls - large, gooey, with or without walnuts and icing - $3.25
Waffles - made fresh, whole Belgian style - $3.25
Baked French Toast - with thick – sliced break, butter and maple syrup - $4.00
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Bowl - freshly cut fruit, prices per person - $3.00
Strawberry Crepes - with freshly cut strawberries (in season), whipped cream - $3.00

Savory Dishes
Scrambled Eggs - fresh, fluffy and flavorful - $2.00
Country Potatoes - fresh potatoes with bell peppers and onions - $2.00
Sausage or Bacon - sausage links or bacon strips, two pieces - $2.00
Quiche - choose from spinach and Swiss or bacon and mushroom - $4.00
Biscuits and Gravy - house made biscuits and sausage gravy - $4.00
Bagels and Lox - with smoked cream cheese, salmon, red onions and capers - $7.50
Ham and Swiss Crepes - with a creamy white sauce - $4.00
Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice - 6 oz. glass - $1.50
Coffee or Tea Service - includes cream, sugar and sugar substitute - $1.00
Hors D’ Oeuvres

Asian Chicken Drummies – with a thick, sweet, Asian inspired sauce. $0.70
Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts - $0.85
BBQ Meatballs – with a tangy sweet sauce - $0.60
Caramelized Onion and Apple Bits – with Brie Cheese & White Wine in a puff pastry - $1.20
Hot Artichoke and Spinach Dip – with French bread $1.50
Mini Chalupas with Chorizo – with cornmeal and cilantro - $1.00
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus Bundles – tied with a chive bow - $2.50
Sausage Puffs – in puff pastry – a hit with everyone - $0.85
Sautéed Veggies or Asparagus in a Parmesan cup - $2.00
Stuffed Mushrooms – with cheese, onion and herbs - $1.25
Tomato, eggplant and goat cheese tarts – in flaky pie dough crust - $1.50
Vegetable Crostini – with sautéed red bell peppers and caramelized onions - $1.75
Tri-Tip or Pulled Pork Sliders – with bbq sauce and house made coleslaw - $3.25
Baked Brie en Croute – large round of Brie in puff pastry and blackberry Chipotle or Apricot Sauce, to serve four a crowd or at a large dinner party - $30

Cheese and Crackers Tray – with an assortment of delicious cheeses - $30
Fresh fruit tray – with an assortment of seasonal fruits - $30
Vegetable Tray – a beautifully arranged assortment with dip - $30
Cucumber, goat cheese and grape tomato – a beautiful hors D’ Oeuvre - $1.00
Greek Salad Brochettes – Greek style salad on a skewer - $1.25
Turkey Pinwheels – cream cheese, capers and roasted tomatoes in a roll - $0.90
Cucumber and goat cheese or chicken salad tea sandwiches on home sautéed sautéed made bread - $2.50
Lunch and Dinner Foods
Entrees – Chicken
Classic Chicken Parmesan – breast with marinara, parmesan and mozzarella - $5.00
Farm Fresh Chicken Parmesan – with sautéed fresh ripe tomatoes, garlic, parmesan and fresh milk mozzarella - $6.00
Chicken Champignon – breast with sautéed mushrooms and onions in a dark sauce = $6.00
Lemon Chicken Piccata – breast, with lemon and caper sauce - $5.00
Stuff Chicken Breast - choose from roasted tomato, caper and mozzarella or roasted green chili and jack cheese - $6.00
Pan Glazed Basil Chicken – breast with fresh basil and balsamic glaze - $6.00
Chicken Milanese – panko crusted chicken breast in a white wine butter sauce with sage and shallots - $9.00
Chicken Caesar Salad – with authentic Caesar dressing and grilled chicken - $8.00
Alfredo/Chicken Alfredo – freshly made with cream, parmesan and penne pasta - $4.50/$8.00
Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas – with white meat, jack cheese, green sauce - $3.00
Chicken and Cream Enchiladas – with cream cheese, roasted red bells, jack, white sauce

Entrees – Beef
Cajun Meatloaf – flavorful meatloaf, not too spicy - $4.00
Pepper Steak – tender steak pieces, with green peppers, onions and a molasses base sauce, goes well with rice pilaf - $5.00
Ground Beef Enchiladas – with cheddar cheese, green onions, olives and red sauce
Ground Beef and Spinach Enchiladas – with cheddar and red sauce - $3.00
BBQ’d Tri-Tip – freshly bbq’d marinated Tri-Tip - $7.00
Rustic Shepherd’s Pie – traditional Shepherd’s Pie with beef and mashed potatoes - $5.00
Lasagna – house – made classic meat lasagna – small or larger portion $4.00/$6.00
Roast Prime Rib – petite or larger slice, with horseradish cream $ Market
Nouveaux Beef Stroganoff – with filet migon, great with potato strudel $ Market
Tenderloin of Beef – with port – Roquefort sauce $ Market

Other Entrees
Eggplant Parmesan – fresh eggplant, with panko, parmesan and mozzarella - $6.00
Halibut = with lemon mint Gremolata - $ Market
Pistachio Encrusted Halibut
Pecan Encrusted Salmon
Pan Seared Salmon
Chili Verde – house made pork chili verde, with jack cheese, green sauce - $3.00
Black Bean and Spinach – a vegetarian option with green sauce
Quiche – classic house made quiche with buttery crust: $4.00
Bacon, Mushroom and Jack Cheese
Spinach and Swiss
Green Chili and jack
Ham and Swiss
Red Pepper and Sausage
Mash Potatoes or Garlic Mash Potatoes - $1.50
Mashed Sweet Potatoes - $2.50
Cheesy Potato Gratin or Roasted Red Potatoes with herbs - $2.50
Classic Rice Pilaf - $1.75
Spanish Rice Pilaf - $1.85
Baked Beans – with bacon or vegan - $2.00
Pinto Beans – with bacon and onions - $2.00
Potato Strudel – smashed potatoes with bacon and chives in puff pastry - $5.00

Steamed Green Beans - $1.75
Summer Squash Medley - $1.50
Mixed Sauteed Vegetables – a mix of the best in season veggies - $2.00
Steamed Broccolini – a sophisticated vegetable - $2.50
Roasted Root Vegetables – with olive oil and oregano - $2.50
Sauteed Snow Peas - $ Market
Broiled Asparagus Spears – with garlic and fresh parmesan cheese

Coffee or Hot Tea Service – with creamer, sugar and sugar substitute - $1.00
Iced Tea – freshly brewed - $0.75
Lemonade - $0.75
Party Punch – a favorite for all ages, with fresh fruit juice and ginger ale - $1.00

Cookie Assortment – choose from small or large sized cookies - $1.00
Includes Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter and seasonal cookies -$1.50
Mini Cheesecakes – chocolate turtle, raspberry, or plain, seasonal or assorted - $2.00
Mini Pies or Cobblers – berry, peach or apple - $5.00
Mini Cupcakes – chocolate, Irish cream, lemon drop, strawberry, or vanilla - $1.50
Gourmet Cupcakes – chocolate, Irish cream, lemon drop, strawberry, or vanilla - $2.50
Boston Cream Cupcakes – with custard and chocolate ganache - $3.00
Freshly Baked Pie – apple, cherry, peach, banana cream, chocolate cream or seasonal – large piece - $3.00
Freshly Baked Cobbler or Crisp – peach, apple, or berry - $3.00
Apple or Pear Tarts – with custard, thinly sliced fruit and glaze - $3.50
Carrot Cake – the best carrot cake ever! With cream cheese frosting and walnuts - $3.00
Layer Cake – chocolate, vanilla, lemon or spice - $1.50
Pineapple Upside Down Mini Cakes – cupcake sized - $3.00
Bundt Cake – triple chocolate, orange or pistachio - $3.00
Tresleches Cake – perfect accompaniment to a Mexican menu - $2.50
Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake – elegant and heavenly delicious - $5.00
Traditional Strawberry Shortcake – in season - $3.00
Strawberry or Peach Shortcake – in puff pastry with elegant presentation - $5.00
Cost of Services
There are several different levels of service available. Your budget and taste will determine what level of service you would like:
You pick up food - there are no extra charges for this service. You pick up the food at Creekside Catering and you heat and serve food. Instructions provided. $0.00

We deliver the food - you store, heat and serve food. Instructions provided. Delivery is to the Shaver Lake and foothill area – extra charges for outlying areas. $50.

The following services have a $100 minimum charge:
Buffet Service
- Guests line up, we set up, serve and clean up service area - $3.75 we provide all heating and service equipment, you provide table/cloths/decoration. With 35 people and above, there will be extra helpers – how many is determined by the size of your group.

Partial Sit Down Service - Appetizers are passed by servers, guest line up at buffet table. Bussing is provided and plate scrapping and boxing. We clean up service area. Includes extra servers, two be determined by size of group. You provide tables/cloths/décos, We provide all heating and service equipment. - $5/00

Full Sit Down Service - Guests are served at their tables. Includes bussing and cleanup of service area, plate scrapping and boxing, all equipment needed. Includes extra helpers – how many is determined by the size of your group. You provide tables/cloths/decos. We provide all heating and service equipment. - $7.00

Other Services:
Plates and service wear
- paper goods and utensils, etc., are available at cost. Arrangements for this must be made in advance.
Rental Plates and Linens, Tables, Chairs, etc., - We can put you in touch with rental agencies. The closest companies are in Fresno. There is an extra charge for Creekside to provide pickup and return of rental equipment, (plates, linens and utensils only) of $75 for each trip.
Alcohol - If desired, guests provide alcohol and assume liability. Check with venue provider to determine if it is allowed to serve alcohol. Creekside can put you in touch with local area bartenders if needed.

The left overs of prepared foods are yours to keep. After the event they will be given to you in large serving containers, so you may want to have smaller containers on hand to store your yummy extras!

Two very important facts: As soon as you are positive that you will hire Creekside Catering call to book the date! This is a most important step! Remember, my favorite thing to do is create new and inspiring dishes, so go ahead and think out of the box! If it is not on my menu, I’ll work with you to create just the perfect menu!

Bon Appetite!

Julie Falk