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Catering Service Costs

There are several different levels of service available. Your budget and taste will determine what level of service you would like:

You pick up food - there are no extra charges for this service. You pick up the food at Creekside Catering and you heat and serve food. Instructions provided. $0.00

We deliver the food - you store, heat and serve food. Instructions provided. Delivery is to the Shaver Lake and foothill area – extra charges for outlying areas. Food can be delivered heated for an extra $25-$50, depending upon the number of people. $50.

The following services have a $200 minimum service charge:

There is an additional $2-$3 per person charge for catering in a facility without a kitchen, which is determined by the location and how difficult access will be.

Buffet Service - Guests line up, we set up, serve and clean up service area - $4.
We provide all heating and service equipment, you provide table/cloths/decoration/tableware.

With 35 people and above, there will be extra helpers – how many is determined by the size of your group. Guests are responsible for depositing of their own plates, etc.

If you rent dishes, and you wish to provide your own scrapping and boxing:
Please be sure to let your guests know how they should handle their dishes as it can create confusion with guests, or they may not understand why we are not performing this service, which can cause upset to your guests, as well as miss-placed hostility. It is highly recommended that if you rent dishes that you go the extra mile and choose partial sit-down service.

Partial Sit-Down Service - Appetizers are passed by servers, guest line up at buffet table. Bussing, plate scrapping and boxing is provided. We clean up service area. Includes extra servers, to be determined by size of group. You provide tables/cloths/décos, We provide all heating and service equipment. - $5.50

Full Sit Down Service - Guests are served at their tables. Includes bussing and cleanup of service area, plate scrapping and boxing, all equipment needed. Includes extra helpers – how many is determined by the size of your group. You provide tables/cloths/decos. We provide all heating and service equipment. - $8.00

Other Services:

Cake cutting or champagne pouring:

Cake cutting and plating is available for an additional charger per person. $1

Plates and service wear - paper goods and utensils, etc., are available, at cost. Arrangements for this must be made in advance.

Rental Plates and Linens, Tables, Chairs, etc., - We can put you in touch with rental agencies. The closest companies are in Fresno. There is an extra charge for Creekside to provide pickup and return of rental equipment, (plates, linens and utensils only) of $75 for each trip. If you have a longer event, such as a wedding, it is recommended that you rent drink dispensers, so that can stay until event is over, as guests will still want drinks after we have packed up and gone.

Alcohol - If desired, guests provide alcohol and assume liability. Check with venue provider to determine if it is allowed to serve alcohol. Creekside can also provide alcohol with our catering license, but we must register with the ABC several weeks prior to event. Creekside can put you in touch with local area bartenders if needed.

Left Overs - The left overs of prepared foods are yours to keep. After the event they will be given to you in large serving containers, so you may want to have smaller containers on hand to store your yummy extras!

Two very important facts: As soon as you are positive that you will hire Creekside Catering, call to book the date! This is the most important step, as dates book up quickly. If you don’t see what you are looking on the menu, feel free to call and ask. We can create a custom menu for you!

Payment/Deposits: Full payment is due at time of event. We will ask for a 25% deposit, based on your final estimate, one month prior to the event. We will need a final head-count three weeks before the event date. Final payment can be made by cash, check or credit card at the time of event. If paying by check please have the check in two-three days before event. At the time of booking the event we will provide you with a short contract, to agree to our cancellation policies.

Cancellation: In the event of a cancellation:
Before one month from event there is no cancellation fee. Within one month of event, Creekside will be entitled to keep up to the full amount of the deposit. If cancellation within one week of event, the full deposit plus the amount of any foods purchased for the event will be due. If cancelled 3 days before event or later, up to the entire amount of the total statement will be due. We try to be understanding when there is a sudden need to cancel, and only try to cover any monetary lose we have incurred.

Frequently Asked Questions: How much time should I allow between passing hors d-oeuvres and dinner? Typically one hour is sufficient. Sometimes for weddings a longer time is necessary but definitely try to keep it under one and a half hours.

Are gratuities included in the estimate statement? No, gratuities are not added in. That is up to the individual to determine what gratuities to add, if any.

Do you stay for entire event? Not usually. Typically we leave after we have served dessert and done the cleaning up. We try to slip away quietly, so as not to interrupt you during your event.

Does Bussing Include Removing Glassware and Breaking Down Tables? No. Typically, guests are still using their glasses while the event proceeds.

When Should We Serve the Cake? Whenever possible, it is good to serve the cake before the dancing and festivities start. We have seen many times when the cake is served so late that many are off dancing, or leaving and the cake is largely uneaten.

Can I Substitute Services? Yes. For example, in partial sit-down service, you can substitute cake cutting or champagne pouring for passing around appetizers. This can be discussed with your Creekside representative.

Who Gets the Left Overs? You do! We recommend you bring your own containers for us to pack left overs into, or we will pack in the large disposable catering pans.

All prices are per person unless otherwise noted. There have been no gratuities added in.

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